Word of the Day


Gloaming Definition

Gloaming is a noun that refers to twilight or dusk.

Related to the word ‘glow,’ our word of the day is of Germanic origin and now refers to a glow taking place at a specific time of the day, dusk. It is sometimes called ‘the gloaming.’ 

Gloaming in a Sentence

Dusk in the country feels very different than in a big city. There’s something romantic about the gloaming in an open meadow that is not dwarfed by giant skyscrapers.


What is the definition of acumen?

 Acumen is a noun that refers to the ability to make good judgements. 

Coming from the Latin, acuere (ah kware ay) meaning ‘to sharpen,’ our word of the day came to refer to a mental sharpness or shrewdness.

How is acumen used in a sentence?

Jeff was a great football player, but he simply lacks the acumen to be an effective head coach. We need someone with a sharper, more keen mind.


 Alacrity definition

Alacrity is a noun that refers to brisk and cheerful readiness.

The Latin word alacritas (ah lah CREE toos) means ‘liveliness’ or ‘animation.’ From this origin our word of the day emerged, retaining the same meaning. 

Alacrity in a sentence

Rachel’s ability to meet all kinds of challenges with alacrity makes her an ideal employee. The guy who previously held the position was far more sluggish and that’s why he only lasted a week.