Get Your Sh*t Together

Make Your Bed, Conquer the World!

The Importance of Making your Bed

Now, I know that some of us may be a little lazy in the mornings. We’re scrambling around trying to get things together to make it on time to work and making our bed doesn’t seem like a priority.

It’s not something that we feel like a super necessary

But I want to argue that it is actually something that’s really important and is a really simple task to help you kick start your day in a proactive and productive way. This is a really simple way to make yourself feel more accomplished and give yourself a little win in the morning to make sure that you can continue your day on the right mentality of being productive.

It’s also a really great feeling to come home after a long day to a nice clean freshly made bed. This works for me every morning. It puts me in a really great mood and it also sets the tone that I’m going to take today and make it as productive as I can possibly make it. 

So, even if it doesn’t really feel like a priority or you’ve got a really busy morning, I really encourage you to take that extra minute. If you need it– it’s honestly really just like 30 seconds unless you have like a super complicated bed.  Just take that extra time for yourself in the morning to allow yourself to establish that today is going to be a positive and proactive and productive day.

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