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Gloaming Definition

Gloaming is a noun that refers to twilight or dusk.

Related to the word ‘glow,’ our word of the day is of Germanic origin and now refers to a glow taking place at a specific time of the day, dusk. It is sometimes called ‘the gloaming.’ 

Gloaming in a Sentence

Dusk in the country feels very different than in a big city. There’s something romantic about the gloaming in an open meadow that is not dwarfed by giant skyscrapers.


What is the definition of acumen?

 Acumen is a noun that refers to the ability to make good judgements. 

Coming from the Latin, acuere (ah kware ay) meaning ‘to sharpen,’ our word of the day came to refer to a mental sharpness or shrewdness.

How is acumen used in a sentence?

Jeff was a great football player, but he simply lacks the acumen to be an effective head coach. We need someone with a sharper, more keen mind.


 Alacrity definition

Alacrity is a noun that refers to brisk and cheerful readiness.

The Latin word alacritas (ah lah CREE toos) means ‘liveliness’ or ‘animation.’ From this origin our word of the day emerged, retaining the same meaning. 

Alacrity in a sentence

Rachel’s ability to meet all kinds of challenges with alacrity makes her an ideal employee. The guy who previously held the position was far more sluggish and that’s why he only lasted a week.

What’s the Keto Diet?

The Keto Diet

I hear so many jokes about the keto diet, but at the same time I hear a lot of glowing reviews on it. So I think before we can take sides, it’s important that we look objectively at the keto diet.

How does the keto diet work?

The goal of a keto diet is to swap your body’s primary fuel source. Instead of relying primarily on carbs, which our bodies usually do, a ketogenic diet ideally forces our body to rely primarily on ketone bodies. This is a fuel source that our liver produces from stored fat. Sounds awesome, right? Especially for trying to lose weight.

How hard is the keto diet?

But to achieve ketosis is actually really hard. For one, you have to severely cut back on your carbs. You cannot have more than 20 to 50 grams of carbs per day.That is one medium sized banana. And, you can’t have a lot of protein either because too much protein also interferes with ketosis. To achieve ketosis usually takes many days and it is so easy to fall out of it. So I think when people say they’re following a keto diet, while I think some people are, I think the vast majority are actually following low-carb diets that are inspired by the keto diet. 

How to get to ketosis?

Most people who achieve ketosis are in clinical settings and they are supervised by nutrition professionals day in and day out, because the ketogenic diet does have its medical uses. It has been shown to reduce the frequency of epileptic seizures in children.

Keto Diet Studies

But overall, I think the keto diet is really controversial right now. It’s a trendy Topic in the nutrition field and I’ll just say as a nutrition student it is the butt of a lot of jokes in our classrooms. But I’m staying open because there is a lot of anecdotal evidence out there personally. I would like to see some more studies on the keto diet. Specifically the short and long-term effects of it when it is adopted by healthy everyday individuals.

Dietician Tips for Keto

If you are someone who’s thinking about adopting the keto diet, I highly encourage you to seek out professional guidance and be honest with yourself. Is something you can sustain for the rest of your life? Because, especially if you’re trying to lose weight, let’s be honest, a diet is only a short-term solution. It is our lifestyle choices that matter most just something to think about. 

Feeling Strong

I had a moment with my daughter I really learned from this week.  She wants to bake a cake one evening.  I said that it was absolutely fine.  I went off to do some work and she left it for an hour and a half later.   She then started getting out the mixer and started measuring the sugar and weighing her eggs and all the things you’re supposed to do when you make a cake. Only by that time it was too late to start.  It was nearly bedtime.

My husband picked up on it said you can’t do that now.  At which point it was like disaster had struck.

“But mama said that I could!  It’s not too late! I didn’t see the time! Mom said I could do it before I went to bed!”

Defense. Defense. Defense.

Eventually, she said “but I’m just so disappointed that I can’t and make this cake”.

At which point everybody was able to deal with it because that was the emotion that she was feeling. It was the defensive response that we all feel, which is so difficult to deal with.  She was just trying to protect herself from the emotion of feeling disappointed.

I’m Defensive

I do this as an adult.  I don’t know about you.  But when someone.  Gives me some criticism or feedback or is trying to help me, my initial response can be, “But I have got better right? You know I I have been working really hard at this”.

Let The Bad Come

It is a defensive way to react.  Where is when I let myself feel the disappointment of, “I have not been doing enough”.  Now can do something about that.

So today if you’re in the line of fire or if someone gives you some criticism take it.  Let it come.  Stop protecting yourself from feeling bad.

It Always Passes

Allow the bad feeling to come because, you know what, it passes.

Have a great day.

You’ve got this!,

Make Your Bed, Conquer the World!

The Importance of Making your Bed

Now, I know that some of us may be a little lazy in the mornings. We’re scrambling around trying to get things together to make it on time to work and making our bed doesn’t seem like a priority.

It’s not something that we feel like a super necessary

But I want to argue that it is actually something that’s really important and is a really simple task to help you kick start your day in a proactive and productive way. This is a really simple way to make yourself feel more accomplished and give yourself a little win in the morning to make sure that you can continue your day on the right mentality of being productive.

It’s also a really great feeling to come home after a long day to a nice clean freshly made bed. This works for me every morning. It puts me in a really great mood and it also sets the tone that I’m going to take today and make it as productive as I can possibly make it. 

So, even if it doesn’t really feel like a priority or you’ve got a really busy morning, I really encourage you to take that extra minute. If you need it– it’s honestly really just like 30 seconds unless you have like a super complicated bed.  Just take that extra time for yourself in the morning to allow yourself to establish that today is going to be a positive and proactive and productive day.

For a more extensive look at the benefits of making your bed every morning on your overall mindset, click here.